“Vallei accountants/Dutch Advisors has found the right way to solve topical issues. With a deep knowledge of a manufacturing company they conducted good analyses of the cost prices, supplies, and price differences. Their personal approach, which was there from the start, appeals to us very much.”


“The entrepreneurial and pro-active attitude of Vallei Accountants allows us to make well-considered decisions through fast and accurate financial insight. Additionally, all fiscal facilities are optimally utilised. The cooperation is a breath of fresh air compared to our previous accountant. They provide both solicited and unsolicited advice. Vallei Accountants truly makes the difference for us, both in terms of financial recording and their entrepreneurial expertise!”
By: Winnie Meijer
PiVOT & LedGo

Lekko_medium“An accountant is often seen as a “bookkeeper”. Vallei Accountants distinguishes itself on a number of levels by taking a broader perspective than solely the financial aspects of a business. As an entrepreneur, you have a need for proper consultation, such as regarding business strategy. In this, they are also a good partner. Furthermore, integrity, alertness and correctness are characteristics that I often encounter at Vallei.”
By: Vivian Vleeshouwers

“We know Vallei Accountants as a party that can act quickly, is sensitive to the client’s wishes, and finds the right balance between fiscal, legal, and business economic advising.”
By: Jan Anker (CEO)
A-ware Food Group B.V.

Gent_medium_medium“A pleasant partner in business. Their personal approach makes for pleasant contact. Vallei’s entrepreneurship and empathy have given us new and valuable insights right from the start.”
By: Gilbert van Gent
Gebr. van Gent Autobedrijf B.V.

atm_medium_medium“Young, energetic people, who retain an overview and can be consulted at any moment.”
By: Tom van den Kieboom (directeur)
ATM Advocaten

cuteface_medium_medium“Their pro-active approach and pace, combined with quality and service, are very well suited for us as an IT company.”
By: Tom Verboon (directeur)

coaregroup_medium_medium“The attention they provide you gives you the feeling that you are their most important customer and their professionalism gives you the feeling that you are dealing with a big company.”
By: Aldo Meijer (directeur)
Coare Group B.V.

knmvd1_medium_medium“We’ve experienced the collaboration as constructive and uncomplicated.”
By: Bart Smit

navara_medium“Vallei accountants has supported us in word and deed during the due-diligence and eventual management buy-in in Navara Group Ltd.”
By: Arnold Kamminga (CEO)
Navara Group B.V.

Frutsels_medium“After the crisis, our enterprise was restructured; Vallei Accountants has intermediated actively and inventively; think of negotiations with the renter, financial backers, and other stakeholders.”
By: Martin van Ginkel
Frutsels Wonen B.V.

Metselbedrijf_medium_medium_medium“Friendly, very accessible, and always very quick answers to your questions and everything neatly arranged.”
By: Gert Bakkernes
Metselbedrijf G. Bakkernes

elwinewalraven_medium“In the meanwhile, Vallei Accountants has grown considerably, yet the personal attention is still there.”
By: Elwine Walraven