Our advisors will join you in thinking about your situation in terms of entrepreneurship, taxation and your financial position. We are always looking for the optimum; both in terms of business and your private life. For good advice, knowledge of the entrepreneur and his/her business is vital. In order to be able to react to events swiftly, we maintain regular contact with our customers (without additional charges).


Ranging from your private declarations to fiscal restructuring, we give your situation the attention it deserves. We will point you towards subsidy opportunities and join you in thinking about fiscal facilities, such as the innovation box and the fiscal opportunities of business succession.


The choice of legal form has judicial and fiscal aspects, but your vision of the future also plays a role. We will join you in determining which form suits your business the best.


Investments require careful consideration, but how do you make a well-supported and deliberate choice? We join you in thinking about the plan and its financing. How can you make your bank enthusiastic or execute a successful crowdfunding campaign?


Insight into the financial and non-financial results of your business is important. Is your business “in control”? We will gladly brainstorm with you regarding the risks and how to make these risks manageable.


Where boundaries blur, risks increase. How do I make contact, will I receive my money and how do I send my invoices? We can assist you with the judicial and fiscal areas of attention when you decide to conduct business outside of the country. We have various foreign customers and customers with branches abroad.


Each business and each entrepreneur is different. This makes each corporate takeover unique. In the case of family-owned businesses, the objective is often to optimally set up the financial situation for the next generation. In the event of a third-party takeover, conditions such as the price play a more important role. For each takeover, the feeling must be right. We will join you in thinking about fiscal matters, judiciary aspects and your feelings about the takeover.


What will your financial position look like in the future? What will be the financial consequences of your nearing pension? What should you do in the event of work disability or death? What would that entail on a financial and fiscal level for the people close to you? At home and in your business? Personal planning is custom work, requires involvement and empathy for your situation.